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What energy do you have the most used now?

 In my research, the energy used the most in the world is fossil energy. "Fossil energy" means energy made by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are oil, coal and natural gas etc.
 Table on the right shows the number of years when we can be mined each resource.

 The longest mining life is 119 years of coal. We felt 119 years are long when we we saw the graph for the first time. But, the average life span of Japanese is 80 years.so, our next generation can't mine them.

 Our life has been becoming convenient by using fossil energy. But, we depend on the fossil energy too much. We can understand that the amount of fossil fuel is limited to see the graph. We can not continue to mine it so long.

 In addition, the amount to use resources of energy. We use especially fossil fuels is increasing. Especially, India and China more are remarkable than developed country. In other words, to increase consumption is to shorted mining life.

 If the resources should dry up, how would our life be like?


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