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There is a possibility that the run out of energy?

 We can be divided into fossil and renewable energy we expending energy. "Exhaustible energy" is depletion of raw materials because to make raw material speed is later than to use speed of people. Fossil energy is included in exhausrible because Raw materials of fossil energy is limited.

 So, we thought "Is there renewable energy other than fossil energy?" Candidate at that time was two.
   ・Wind energy…Wind does not always blowing.
   ・Nuclear energy…Raw material is nuclear fuel, Nuclear fuel is not a infinite

 In my research, Wind energy isn't included in renewable energy because to blow wind isn't to lost wind. But, Nuclear energy is included in renewable energy as expected because nuclear is limited.

 Here, the question was born.

"If nuclear energy is renewable energy, Japan's energy than renewable energy most? "


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