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What is renewable energy?

 [Renewable energy]…The energy made ??using the natural features. Unlike exhaustible energy. To make raw materials speed is faster than to use of people speed.
In other words, we can use infinite energy. Of course, we don't burn things. we don't increase of carbon dioxide etc. For example, there are solar power, hydroelectric power and geothermal power generation. They had been used since about 50 years.

 We made one question too.
"Why we have energy problem yet? If energy in the world change renewable energy, energies are in excess preferably?"
But, There was reasons that can not be solved there.
There is the "be costly", "There is a problem with the site conditions" and "Production volume is small" challenge.

 Under two things are examples.
Ex)solar power version
・Power generation : The panel absorb sunlight of silicon.
   →Point at issue : The panel can't make energies on cloudy days and rainy day

Ex)hydroelectric power version
・Power generation : Water of the dam fall of high places
   →Point at issue : We must make the dam at land away from the city and transmission lines are costly

 Next,we thought Energy situation in each country.


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