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Countries what have you been doing efforts 2?

 Let us see of China attaches great importance to the energy problem because consumption of energy is large in the world.

●Energy situation of China
・China became No.1 world energy consumption in 2009.
・Natural energy power generation of the world increased to 80 million Kilowatt in 2009. And China is 80% of them.(about 46%)
・Wind power generation amount of the second in the world in 2009.(2008 was No.4)
・The quantity of production of a solar cell required for photovoltaic generation is No.1 from 2006 to 2009 . And, About 30% of the entire world is occupied.

●China's energy
1.In the "independence action plan" (January, 2010) submitted to the United Nations about warming, he plans to reduce the amount discharge standard physical units of gross domestic product of CO2 by 2005 ratio 40~45% by 2020. Moreover, the use target of non-fossil energy is expanding from 7.5% (2005) to 15% (2020). And we are going to do the increase in 40 millionha of the area of a forest.
2.Stable supply and efficient energy industry organization construction are aimed.
3.About industry and technical development, we aim at becoming an "industrial strong country" from a "market power".
4.Promotion of industry is aimed at. And,A range with wide foot, such as a car,CCS and renewable energy industry of correlative industry fields are low-carbon-ized.

 Investigating the energy policy in the world, we were sure. It is renewable energy becomes a clue which solves an energy scarcity, the discharge problem of a toxic substance, etc.! So,we decided to investigate in detail about renewable energy.


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