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Efforts of Hakodate?

 While we are looking for clean energy in the "second period", we found a big news.
It is " 'Hakodate' is running initiatives on clean energy 'now'."
Of course, we thought "This is chance! Rarely," and we visited Hakodate international fisheries and marine city Promotion Office, We heard a story in detail from Mr. Mizoe in charge.

From here, We will introduce the efforts of Hakodate.

What is Hakodate?

 Hakodate is a port city of 280,000 inhabitants and located in the southern Hokkaido. It is one of the port that has been opened by convention of Kanagawa. It celebrated its 150th anniversary of the opening of the port in 2009. Because it is the most nearest town to Honshu in Hokkaido, it became a cornerstone of Hokkaido reclamation in Meiji era.


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