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What is ocean energy research 2?

 It is a continuation of the previous page.

・October 19, Hakodate ocean energy study meeting of the second round was held.
In response to describe trends, ocean current energy prediction of the Tsugaru Strait from Miyatake teacher Hakodate National College of Technology, was proposed the need for actual measurements.

・March 12, 2013, the government announced the requirements of the demonstration field.

・March 18, Hokkaido was conducted (flow rate) basic research in Shiokubimisaki surrounding waters.

・March 29, Hakodate ocean energy study meeting of the third round was held.
It was confirmed that you could build up a Fishing industry cooperative power generation system, and continue to send to the inside and outside "Hakodate model".

・June 11th, we set out to Hakodate ocean renewable energy potential basic research.


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