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What is the Research Center?

 It is a plan currently in progress in the construction of "international Hakodate Fisheries and Ocean Research Center" is is being done concurrently with tidal power now. The figure below is a rendering.

 The Research Center has been developed as a research facility complex academic research institutions, such as institutions and private institutions and Hokkaido University gathered. We are looking for ways of business operation and facility management towards in service beginning in 2014 and coordinate with each engine according to the research center promoting the construction-technology Promotion Agency, in cooperation with everyone in the region and the city from now on here.

Future of ocean energy?

 Investigate this effort, production of clean energy is a very hard, we realize that it is more difficult. But, as a citizen Hakodate, even as the Japanese people, you can be sure to be "! Can expect very" efforts of ocean energy use to hear a story. It is a long way to go but I want you to work hard towards the development of technology in the future.


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