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Has attracted attention abroad it?

 Type that utilizes the Shiodome of tidal power has been implemented in many countries.We would like to raise a little example of the country.

 Korea, tide level difference at 4.7m, the maximum amount of power generation 480MW next, tide level difference at 7.5m in the United States, the maximum amount of power generation has become a 6501MW. And in Russia, tide level difference at 6.0m, and 87,000 MW, the maximum amount of power generation is very large.

 Tidal power generation has been used in many countries in this way.

Advantages and disadvantages of tidal power generation?

 However, in tidal power generation, there is also merits and demerits.

 Merits are that emissions harmful fuel is unnecessary does not come out, and that the concentration of energy is possible for sufficiently large density of water, that it is possible to perform power supply due to the accurate prediction of output differs from the wind power generation .
 The demerits, while maintenance costs related to such as salt damage of equipment and removal of attachment, such as shellfish, life period as short as five to ten years, it may cost performance is poor.
 In Hakodate, we are considering a tidal power generation in accordance with the method of tidal power generation impact on the environment.


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