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Our survey?

 We visited the place "Hakodate international fisheries and marine city Promotion Office" (It is described as 'The office' from below.) in order to investigate the tidal power generation. But we cannot understand what kind of institutions is it only this name, so we supplement with information about it.

 The purpose of conceptualization it?
・Because as a base for academic research international fisheries, marine, and taking advantage of the characteristics fisheries that Earth has, on the ocean, an advantage, to reduce the activation of local industry by creating new industries and innovative technologies Hakodate is.
・In order to overcome the problems on a global scale 21st century are facing, we will work to academic research fisheries parts unknown often, in marine areas with the wisdom of the world.

 Main Initiatives business?
・Integration of academic institutions fisheries, marine.
・Fusion of academic research institutions and tourism
・Research in relation fisheries, and marine areas, research
・Cooperation of academic institutions and community.
・Harmony of civic life fisheries and marine.
・Public relations of ocean city concept and Hakodate international fisheries


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