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Challenges of tidal power generation?

 We tried writing a challenge in tidal power in Hakodate.

 Part 1: "No information, precedent"
They gather information to participate to the symposium organizers and study sessions because everything is continues at a trial and error.

 Part 2: "requires huge expenses"
 State support is essential for costly. Each countries that have been successful in tidal power generation in fact, the government has a support.

 Part 3: "Hakodate fishing is popular."
Fishing industry in coastal are often in Hakodate.You'll have to make off the coast so as not to interfere with the Fishing industry so as long as the will build a tidal power generation facility if. It is not possible to experiment because there is no empirical field If you try an experiment of tidal power generation further.

 We noted the details of the experiment to examine the ocean energy that actually took place in Hakodate next. The ocean energy, it is the energy, such as ocean waves or tides and ocean currents have.