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What is ocean energy research 1?

 We wrote down the flow of the efforts so far of ocean energy use of the propulsion mechanism. You understand such a project is whether the proceed through what step. The photo below is an office of Hakodate coastal laboratories we visited.

・July 10, 2012, the first time Hakodate ocean energy study meeting was held.
Tidal power generation in off Oma in Aomori Prefecture, was introduced in the lecture by Mr. Nanjo of Hirosaki University.

・July 17, They attended the International Symposium on Ocean Energy
It was also conducted research and the impact on the environment as well as technology development in the United States-Maine State University have done a tidal power generation in the world.

・August 26, "possibility of ocean energy to think from conception", and gave a presentation at the Third Marine Renewable Energy Forum.

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