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What is Sterling engine ?

 The Stirling engine, it is a device called the "engine of the future". It uses value of gas's property which value of gas is changed by temperature. This technology has been invented to Robert Stirling in Scotland pastor in 1816. At first, it was more popular than the steam engine, because Stirling engine is more secure than the steam engine. However, it has declined with the advent of the diesel engine and gasoline. Why do are attracting attention again now?

Why it's being called the "engine of the future"?

 There are three reasons why stirling engine is watched.

First, exhaust gas of it is clean ,and noise of it is quiet.
Second, it does not waste resources on account of high thermal efficiency.
Third, stirling engine works even if there is the temperature difference. This means that you can use even in any place and any heat source. If we use this principle, there is some possibility which we can use the heat of the land, sunlight and drainage.


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