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 Making energy in the fruit?

 We have an experiment to make energy.
The purpose of this experiment is "Can we make energy?" and "Can any liquid make energy?"

What we were prepared to experiment

・Various fruit juice
・Various seasoning
・10 yen coins and 1 yen coins(Both by eight)
・A miniature bulb(Lead is attached)
・Filter papers


When you click on the link below, the video is displayed. (You need to prepare a player that supports ".wmv".)
1.We soak the filter paper in a liquid we want to examine.
2. I put paper which I prepared before between a 10 yen coin and 1 yen coin. And them, we made ​​eight this.
3.I put all eight sets to be alternately.
4.We made sure whether a miniature bulb turn on, when we connected to both ends of the object which we made in process 3.

Video of the experiment


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