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Changing the point of view?

 So, we decided to change the point of view.
”We do not increase the amount of energy on but reduce the amount to be used!!”

 In need, if we are more careful about daily lives, we can reduce energy usage. But, some of the members said “I think that even every person reduces the energy, the things never not change.”Because there are one or two persons out of five of us who have such an idea, many people probably think like that.

 But please think about it more precisely! We are convinced that we use just a little energy in our lives. Nevertheless, the energy shortage is occurring.Whuch means that individuals might use a little energy but as a whole, the energy consumption is very large.slightly reduces the energy consumption, we are possible to reduce a large amount of energy.

 Like this, as we found a new way and convinced ”We’ve got it!” We started looking for the energy-saving solutions each person can do.


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