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 What is the energy saving we can do us an individual 1?

 From this chapter, we will introduce the energy saving that we can actually do. Because we knew that we must be careful about consumption of crude oil and dioxide emissions, we investigated the targeted reduction of these two things.In addition, we researched how we could save money.
 ※The following data are consulting to the data “General goods corporation Energy Conservation Center".

Energy saving for air?

○Air conditioning management
When you use the air conditioning … Let's reduce the frequency of the opening and closing of doors and windows, and cut the sunlight using the bamboo blind and lace curtains.If you keep the curtain closed even in the daytime when going out and combined the fan and air conditioning, you can feel cool because the wind hits your body.
When you use the air heating …Let's reduce the frequency of the opening and closing doors and windows, and try to use the thick curtains. (The floor-length curtains are effective.)The warmed air can circulate if you use a fan at a time.

Energy saving for the laundry?

○Let’s wash laundries as large amount (If you put them up to 80 percent from 40 percent of the rated capacity.)
Annual energy saving amount;5.88kwh / Crude oil savings;1.48kwh / CO₂reduction;2.1kg
→about 130 yen per year+of about 3,820 yen water bill savings.


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