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How to save the energy of light?

○Replace the compact fluorescent lamps with heat bulb. (Replace heat bulb with the fluorescent lamp.)
 Annual energy saving amount:8400kwh / Crude oil savings:21.17L / CO₂ reduction:1.5kg
→about 1850yen per year saving.
※The fluorescent lamp lasts about 6 times as long as the heat bulb, Electricity bill will be one quarter or less. So, the price of the fluorescent lamp is high,
but we can reduce the electricity bill.

○Reduce the lighting hour, one hour shorter per day.
 ・Incandescent light bulb…Annual energy saving amount: 19.71kwh / Crude oil savings: 4.9L / CO₂ reduction: 6.9kg
 ・Fluorescent lamp…Annual energy saving amount:4.38kwh / Crude oil savings:1.10L / CO₂ reduction:1.5kg
 →Incandescent light bulb; about 430yen per year saving.
  Fluorescent lamp; →about 100yen per year saving.

○When you do not watch TV, you should turn it off. Reduce the watching time one hour shorter a day.
 ・Liquid crystal television…Annual energy saving amount:56.58kwh / Crude oil savings:4.23L / CO₂ reduction:5.9kg
 ・Plasma television…Annual energy saving amount:56.58kwh / Crude oil savings:14.26L / CO₂ reduction:19.8kg
→Liquid crystal television: of about 370yen per year saving.
 Plasma television; →about 1240yen per year saving.


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