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We look back over the path we have followed.

 Before we drew a conclusion,we reconsidered our questions and the information which we collected.

 First,we investigated energy problems in the would becouse we thought that we had to know the present situation.And,wenoticed that fossil energy is being used too much in the world and there is a great risk to do that.
Furthermore,we found renewable energy,
comonly known as,clean energy.

 Second,we began to investigate clean energy because we thought energy problems be solved to use it.While we were researding,we found some trials to use clean energy,and through the interview,we could understand the problems and difficulty to act.We,however,expected production of clean energy and imagined the clean future.

 Afterwords,through the process up to now,since we felt that we didn't have enough knowledge,we investigated methods to produce energy.And,we conducted the experiment to produce energy by ourselves.Since the experiment was interesting,our knowleage and interest in energy was deepened.We,however,felt,quantity of the energy which we can produce is small.As a result,we thought of a new idea to reduce the amont of consumption of energy instead of increasing the production of energy.

 We conclude from these things.


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