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・This school will handle professionally about issues related to energy.

・This schools theme is "Think about the lack of energy, and to find the own answer".
 We will search that we are wondering daily,and check about it.

・You can get a lot of knowledge,because you will study about energy problems, clean energy, and so on ecology through the classes of this site.

・People who came for the first time, please go to "preparation" of the following schedule.



 How to use the site, member introduction, reference material, etc. are written. Please be sure to read.


 This is the main content of this site. It is structured by 1~6 classes. Reading the process of problem solving, consider "energy problems" about together.


 Let's solve the problem in order to check that you could learn perfectly.

 Bulletin board

Dec,20th,2013 We were elected to the semi-finalists in "第16回全国中学高校webサイトコンテスト".

Oct,31th,2013 We published this site.

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